Portable Ultrasonic Machine
1.Portable, easy-to-use, space saving design
2.Offers an adjustable intensity level power control.
3.Offers the flexibility of 4 interchangeable electrode forms.
4.Max frequency is 2Mhz.
   More powerful than most same price
   portable ultrasonic device.
5.Removing spots, wrinkles and pimples.
6.Making your skin look clean and softer.
   Also it improves blood circulation and
   strengthens skin reproduction
1. It promotes cellular rejuvenation
2. Tones muscles
3. Increases blood circulation
4. Encourages lymphatic drainage and
5. Reduces puffiness and swelling
6. Accelerate to absorb skin care products.
7. whiten skin and shape faced sculpture.
8. Make up water and tint speckles.
  One of the most powerful color to increase Blood Circulation. Stimulate skin cell to excrete Collagen to achieve
  firm & smooth texture.
  Anti-aging, Smooth wrinkle & Fine lines, Cure wound
  Excellent effect of Cure acne, Kill bacteria, Help cure sensitive skin
   Improve skin muscle flexibility, Improve immunity system &neural system
Light Blue(403nm)
  Gentle ance treatment, Inflammation skin mitigation